Nearing completion of land sub-division!


We are pleased to announce that we are now in the final stretch towards completion of the land sub-division at The Meadow!

Construction of the wall is complete and the external face is now painted in accordance with the relevant regulations. It was inspected by DTMR on Friday, 10 March 2017. No issues have been highlighted during the inspection and official approvals are expected this week. We have started the Plan Sealing application with BCC today, which normally takes 20 working days for this process.

We will be staying on top of the application so that BCC expedites the process as soon as possible.

During the Plan Sealing application, the internal and external faces of the wall will be painted with images of the meadow landscape and blue sky with white clouds, plus beautiful murals on the external face. The painting of the wall surfaces is in line with the Building Covenant which does not allow structures with bare concrete surfaces. The murals will not only be an added pleasant attraction to the neighbourhood, they will also serve as deterrents to graffiti.

Both the Plan Sealing application and painting processes will be happening at about the same time. Further, we are very pleased to advise that the painting process does not affect the timing of the Plan Sealing application.

Watch out for our update photos or drive by to have a look as the beautiful murals start to take shape. We will also provide more updates on the progress of the Plan Sealing application and look forward to getting final approval soon!