The Meadow Murals Opening 3 August 2017

The mural artwork was officially dedicated by councillor Norm Wyndham on 3 August 2017.


New Street Art in Bridgeman Downs

There's a change of scenery for people passing through the corner of Old Gympie Road & Roghan Road as a new piece of street art occupies the local landscape. Bridgeman Downs is brighter and more cheerful thanks to this bold street art installation on the walls of the newly finished estate "The Meadow".

The completed street art on its fence barriers depicts a range of clever windows glimpsing into nature with a flowing golden ribbon logo designed by the Leong family.

This was painted by local artists from Phantast - a not for profit community organisation rooted in the traditions of mural making, using urban art to inject colour into the corners of Brisbane Suburbs transforming grey walls and individual lives. This latest installation has seen artists, Jason Heidke and Ron Hillier spend several months spraypainting realistic blue skies, green fields, cows and other domesticated animals as well as colourful natives such as parrots and koalas.

This striking piece of art is about adding a splash of vibrant colour to “The Meadow” while providing the opportunity to showcase some of our home-grown artistic talent and enhance Bridgeman Down’s cultural offer.

By investing in the welcome to "The Meadow", the Leong family hopes to provide continual improvements to the physical look and ambience of the suburb for visitors, local workers and residents alike. Further information on the land or estate can be found on website

The artwork will be officially dedicated by McDowall Ward Councillor Norm Wyndham, a passionate supporter of creativity who has worked collaboratively to enhance the place shaping agenda of his ward by encouraging businesses, community and artists to work together.