• PO Box 2360, Sunnybank Hills 4109, Brisbane, Australia
  • +61 438 794 891

About Us

The Developer

Niuminsha Properties Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company with a vision to develop top quality real estate.

The proprietors of Niuminsha Properties, the Leong family, have lived on this property for the past few decades. The Leong family has been successful business operators for the last three generations.

Every effort has been made in the planning and designing process to recognise and take into consideration all the needs of the eventual owners so they are proud to be part of the prestigious neighbourhood of The Meadow.

As the Brisbane population has been constantly expanding over the decades, there is an ever growing demand for more residential land to be made available in the Brisbane area. This demand has led to the development of The Meadow at Bridgeman Downs which began as an idea and concept, and now turning into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Niuminsha?

"Niuminsha" is pronounced as new-min-sha.

Where did the company name Niuminsha originate?

"Niu Min Sha" is the name of the Leong family's ancestrial village.